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Pitch and speed modifying utility for transcribing music
AGI Studio
Adventure Game Interpreter IDE
List manager for Macintosh and iOS
Scientific calculator
Permanent Eraser
Securely erase your files


Embracing Algorithms
27th February 2019

One of the most interesting of the WWDC 2018 videos was the Embracing Algorithms session which introduced a couple of interesting new ways to approach common problems using some of the additions provided in Swift.

QT AGI Studio for Mac
31st January 2019

Introducing AGI Studio for Mac, a port from the Linux project QT AGI Studio, a toolset which allows one to create and modify Sierra AGI games.

Virtual Reality on iOS
8th January 2019

Over the past several years, virtual reality (VR) has finally been making some solid inroads towards being a viable commercial technology.

Edenwaith 2019
5th January 2019

2018 was a continuation of wrapping up the big projects which were being worked on in 2017.