EdenMath 1.2.2

11th April 2020 | EdenMath

Even though the scientific calculator EdenMath is the first Mac application I wrote (18 years ago!), its development has come in random fits and spurts. This year was one of those random, yet unplanned, events where I did manage to do some work on this ancient app to keep it running on the latest version of macOS. Perhaps it was seeing how many apps I still had on my computer that were not compatible with macOS Catalina which helped prompt a quick update of EdenMath so it can gasp out a couple more years before EdenMath 1.3 is finally released.

It's been six years since the previous release, so there has been some room to add a little extra shine and other improvements for this app, including:

Download EdenMath 1.2.2 for Intel and PowerPC Macs, compatible from Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard through macOS Catalina. The source code is available on GitHub.