Hunting For Easter Eggs (and Rabbits) in Quest For Glory 1

13th April 2020 | Games

Back in 2003, I was playing the Macintosh version of Quest For Glory 1 (VGA), and I came across this interesting Easter egg which I've never seen in the PC version of the game. The standard Easter egg from the VGA version of this game is when Earl the dinosaur comes walking by. Instead, the Macintosh version of the game has a familiar set of characters making an appearance with a rabbit moving through the bushes, followed by a hunter who has difficulty in pronouncing the letter 'R'.

28 June 2022 Update: Chris Benshoof wrote up an even more in depth post about this particular Easter egg, with a bonus! Apparently, this Easter egg is interactive. If you have the Flame Dart spell, you can cast it at Elmer and set his hat on fire. Very neat.