EdenList 2.2.0 + The Retirement of 33 RPM

3rd June 2021 | Edenwaith

A couple of short announcements:

EdenList 2.2.0

A couple months ago, EdenList 2.2.0 for iOS and iPadOS was released. This now includes search functionality to quickly dig through large lists. This particular feature is one of my favorite features ever, and is used nearly every time I use the app. The app has also been tested and verified on iOS/iPadOS 14.

EdenList can be downloaded here free of charge.

The Retirement of 33 RPM

I've mulled numerous times over the past several years on what I plan on doing with 33 RPM, a utility which can change the speed and pitch of music. 33 RPM is highly dependent upon Apple's now-deprecated QuickTime framework, so getting 33 RPM to work on more modern versions of macOS (or even Apple's other platforms like iOS) would require an entire rewrite, which is an arduous task. Most of my time these days has been focused on more games-related endeavors, the occasional update to EdenList, and a slow rewrite of Permanent Eraser.

After more than eight years of inactivity, the time has come to formally retire 33 RPM where it will join the archives of other retired Edenwaith software. I've had a variety of ideas of where to take 33 RPM, but those ideas are best served by more dedicated apps. If you are looking for a good iPhone music player, check out Cs Music Player. For music transcription, there is the awesome Capo for Mac, iPhone, and iPad.

Many of Edenwaith's Mac projects were started in the early days of Mac OS X to fill various niches or to scratch a personal itch of something I wanted to create. 33 RPM is still a useful little (and free) utility for Macs running Mac OS X 10.4 (including PowerPC Macs) through macOS 10.14. That's not a bad run. So long 33 RPM, and thanks for all the fun.