EdenList 2.3.0 + 2.3.1 for iOS

9th July 2022 | EdenList

After reading an article about making a "satisfying checkbox", I was inspired to add a little extra fun and delight to EdenList by adding some haptic feedback when tapping on a list item (an effect I had once added to another now-defunct iOS app). I wanted to add something else to this patch release, so I added the large title display feature (introduced in iOS 11), which was very easy to implement, but it would require bumping up the minimum version of iOS and dropping support for iOS 10. Since any device that can run iOS 11 can also run iOS 12, I raised the minimum version to iOS 12. This was the initial work for what was expected to be version 2.2.1.

I tend to be cautious about bumping up the minimum version of an app, and requiring iOS 12 for just a patch release didn't seem worth it, so I decided to add a larger feature by being able to search through the main list of lists. I've found this to be useful if you have a lot of lists and want to quickly find a particular list or few (such as all "to do" lists). By adding this additional feature, it bumped up the app version to 2.3.0.

New features in EdenList 2.3.0 for iOS:

EdenList for Mac

A benefit of the newest Macs running on Apple Silicon (instead of Intel chips) is that they can also run iOS apps. Even though EdenList for Mac has not been updated in a dozen years, the iOS version can be downloaded and run on Apple Silicon Macs (M1 chips and beyond). I have done a preliminary test to verify that the iOS version does run on Apple Silicon. Not a perfect solution, but it does work.

An update to the original Mac version is slowly in the works to make it 64-bit and as a new type of Universal Binary (Intel/Apple Silicon instead of PPC/Intel) so it will work on modern Macs. The current 1.0 version will only run on versions of macOS from 10.4 through 10.14. This is proving to be more work than initially expected, primarily because the codebase hasn't been touched in a dozen years, and some of the code dates back to even 2003, so it definitely needs some clean up, improvements, and the removal of deprecated methods. I'm hoping to eventually rework EdenList into a more unified app (using Mac Catalyst, SwiftUI, or whatever) to provide the functionality across multiple platforms so the Mac version doesn't get left so woefully behind.

EdenList 2.3.1 for iOS

9 August 2022 update: I tend to only update EdenList on a yearly basis, but an astute user of EdenList notified me of a very long-standing (and cleverly hidden) bug in EdenList where if a list name contained a / in the name, then it would not properly save any data to the list. I fixed this issue so list names can no longer contain that slash. I also made a small UI update for the search bar for iOS 12.

New improvements in EdenList 2.3.1 for iOS: