Italian Herb Bread Recipe

6th October 2023 | Recipe
Photo shoot of tasty Italian herb bread.  Recipe by Chad Armstrong.

I've baked dozens of types of breads, and this one still remains my favorite. Even before you bake the bread, it will make your kitchen smell amazing. Share and enjoy.



  1. Mix yeast, warm water and sugar together in a large bowl.
  2. Set aside for five minutes, or until the mixture becomes foamy.
  3. Stir in olive oil, salt, herbs, garlic powder, onion powder, cheese and 3 cups flour into the yeast mixture. (Note: if you are using fresh herbs, instead of dried ones, double the amount from ½ to 1 tablespoon.)
  4. Gradually mix in the next 2-3 cups of flour. Dough will be stiff. If the dough is still wet and sticky, gradually add one tablespoon of flour to the mixture.
  5. Knead for 5 to 10 minutes, or until it is smooth and elastic.
  6. Place in an oiled bowl, turning to cover the sides with oil.
  7. Cover with a damp linen towel or greased plastic wrap.
  8. Let the dough rise for 1 hour or until dough has doubled.
  9. Punch down to release all the air.
  10. Shape into two loaves. I like to roll the dough out into a 12" x 6" rectangle and then roll them up to form the loaves.
  11. Place loaves on a pizza stone with parchment paper, a greased cookie sheet with cornmeal, a baguette pan, or into two 9x5 inch, greased pans.
  12. Allow to rise for ½ hour again, until doubled in a warm place.
  13. Score the loaves with a sharp knife or lame.
  14. Spray the oven and the loaves with water if you want a little crispier crust.
  15. Bake at 375°F (190°C) for 35 minutes.
  16. Remove loaves from the oven and let them cool on wire racks for at least 15 minutes (ideally an hour) before slicing.