EdenList 1.1 for iOS

15th December 2011 | EdenList

Today, EdenList 1.1 for iOS was approved and made available on Apple's App Store. The biggest addition to this version is native support for the iPad. Other new features include:

This app's release was delayed by a few days, due to an app rejection since screenshots for the iPad had not been uploaded through the iTunes Connect website. Note: Make sure to scroll down to be able to see the contents of the entire screen. Apple has gotten a little too happy-go-lucky with the disappearing scrollbars motif in iOS and Lion, such that they have extended the UI paradigm to the iTunes Connect website, as well. A little frustrating, but everything was set right and the app is now available.

Another notable change is that EdenList for iOS now requires iOS 4.2 or later. Fortunately, the churn rate for phones tends to be every two years, so I would assume that a majority of the active iOS devices today can run iOS 4.2 or later. Some recent posts have confirmed this thought that a large majority of iOS users are keeping up with recent trends, as long as they have supported hardware. Despite the iPhone 3GS now being over two years old, I'm glad to see that it can still run the most current version of iOS (version 5.0.1 as of this writing) and this model of iPhone is still being sold as the low-end option.