Permanent Eraser 2.6.0

28th May 2012 | Permanent Eraser

On 19 May 2012, Permanent Eraser 2.6.0 was released. The two most important new features are Solid State Drive (SSD) detection and the new DoE overwrite pattern. If a file is detected to reside on an SSD, the file will only be overwritten once, instead of multiple times, due to wear leveling techniques used by SSDs. The next feature is the addition of the 3-pass DoE pattern to erase files.

In order to keep up with the latest versions of Mac OS X, older versions of the OS are occasionally dropped. Permanent Eraser 2.6 was originally intended to still support Mac OS X 10.4 "Tiger", but the addition of the new DoE overwriting pattern required a custom build of the srm utility, which unexpectedly failed to run on Tiger. However, we'll look further into this issue to determine if support for Tiger can be returned in a future version. For those who are still using Tiger, Permanent Eraser 2.5.3 is still available for download.

Likely due to the pending deadline which requires all new application submissions to begin using entitlements at the beginning of June, it took nearly two weeks for Permanent Eraser 2.6.0 to be reviewed for the Mac App Store, which is at least double the length I've encountered with an app (for either iOS or Mac) to be reviewed. And in the continuing spirit of inconsistent app reviews, PE 2.6 was rejected since the plug-in is installed in the user's ~/Library/Services/ folder, which is also how Permanent Eraser 2.5.3 handled the plug-in, yet that version had been approved. The work around to this problem is to either remove the plug-in or re-architect the application and build the Service directly into the program. This latter point is already planned for a future release of Permanent Eraser, however it will likely not happen until Permanent Eraser 2.7 or later.