EdenMath 1.2

31st May 2013 | EdenMath

After a nine year long hiatus, EdenMath has been polished and updated, ready to run on the latest versions of OS X.

New Features


EdenMath was the first Cocoa-based application I wrote for the Mac. Cracking open the time capsule shows how EdenMath has evolved over the years, from an embarrassingly bad and inconsistent user interface in the first version of the application, to the more refined later versions.

The interface for EdenMath 1.1 was a dramatic improvement over its predecessors', but it still had its flaws. Developing for EdenMath 1.2 allowed for the opportunity to rethink the entire interface. The following screenshots are a couple of experimental interfaces which were designed during the process of constructing EdenMath 1.2.

Source Code

The source code has always been available, but the source is now even more accessible at its own Github repository.

The Future

The original plan was to update EdenMath with several key features and then lovingly retire the program. However, time was running short and not every feature made it into this version. I am tentatively planning a 1.3 version of EdenMath for the future, which might include the following features: