Edenwaith 2016 : Preview + Review

15th May 2016 | Edenwaith

A couple of quick items about the year so far and a brief look ahead.

EdenList 1.2.3

EdenList for iOS was updated in April with several UI and UX improvements. In accordance to recent trends, the App Store approval time for this app had improved over past experiences to just three days. In the past, review times were generally between seven to ten days.

EdenGraph Retired

After ten years of inactivity, the decision has been made to officially retire EdenGraph. The source code for this project is available on GitHub.

The Mysterious Case of the Expired Certificate

Another talk about the fun and joys of dealing (translation: struggling and fighting) with Xcode, code signing and provisioning profiles. The summary of the talk was about the Apple Worldwide Developer Relations Certification Authority certificate expiring on 14 February 2016, which resulted in a number of bizarre behaviors. Delete the old certificate from your Keychain and update to the latest certificate. We'll be all set until 7 February 2023, when the current certificate expires.

Tip : Disabling Auto-launching For Android Phones on a Mac

Whenever I would plug in the HTC One (M7) into a Mac, a couple of apps might try and start up. This became quite annoying, so here are a couple of tips to disable Android File Transfer and Photos from launching when the HTC One is connected.

2016 : On and On...

The plans for the remainder of this year are fairly slim, but will mainly focus on an update to Permanent Eraser and rebuilding the Edenwaith website.