Permanent Eraser 2.7.2

29th November 2017 | Permanent Eraser

Ydych chi'n siarad Cymraeg? Permanent Eraser does! Ar ben hynny mae'r app ar gael yn Gymraeg rwan! (The app is also available in Welsh now!)

Permanent Eraser 2.7.2, released on 17 November 2017, features a new Welsh localization and an updated Traditional Chinese localization. Many thanks to Applingua and Fangzhou for their incredible translation work.

This version finally introduces a feature I've been wanting to add for a long time — the ability to erase free space. This is currently available as the new Automator Action Erase Free Space, which joins the two previous Automator actions, which have also been updated in Permanent Eraser 2.7.2.

The ability to erase free space from Disk Utility has been removed in more recent versions of macOS, so if you have a hard drive which you want to wipe the free space, using the Erase Free Space Automator action is a solution.

This is just the first step in erasing free space. I'm hoping to be able to be able to integrate it directly into Permanent Eraser in a future version.

The full version history of what's new in Permanent Eraser 2.7.2: