EdenList 2.0 for iOS

17th March 2018 | EdenList

After a year of development, EdenList 2.0 for iOS has been released, featuring the following:

With this release, EdenList for iOS has become Edenwaith's second product to reach its second major version. Work initially began on version 1.2.4, but the archaic code dating back to 2009 was finally succumbing to all of the changes which have occurred with iOS development since EdenList was first started. Instead of continuing to fight with trying to coax the code to play nicely with the latest version of Xcode, I made the decision to scrap the code and start from scratch. Gone is Objective-C, manually managed memory, and XIB files to be replaced by Swift 4, ARC, Auto Layout, and Storyboards. The previous version of EdenList still supported iOS 6, which would not have worked well with Xcode 9, much less properly supporting Safe Areas to handle layout and display for the new iPhone X. With this rewrite, it allowed me to discard any legacy code and methods and adhere to more modern practices. EdenList for iOS now requires iOS 10. As of this writing, according to Apple, 65% of active devices are using iOS 11, another 28% are using iOS 10, which leaves a slim 7% of devices using an earlier version of iOS 11.

In addition to a new version of EdenList, its product page also sports a new look with the first major steps towards the retooling of the Edenwaith website. Once the entire Edenwaith website has been converted to the new style (which is responsive for different screen sizes), this will mark off two of the major tasks mentioned last year.