Edenwaith Blog 5.0

19th May 2018 | Edenwaith

Welcome to the fifth iteration of the Edenwaith blog. The original incarnation started as a development log with many small updates (micro-blogging years before Twitter was even started) with a couple of longer form posts interspersed. The second version of this blog was a short lived WordPress blog. I did not care for the lack of the visual customization so it would properly match appearance of the rest of the Edenwaith site, and the performance was horrendously slow, so I quickly replaced the WP blog with my own custom solution, which mixed PHP and RSS. In 2011, the blog migrated from using an XML file to a database to help correct several issues.

Which brings us to today. In the efforts to revamp the entire Edenwaith website, the blog has been relocated to a more memorable www.edenwaith.com/blog URL, improved responsiveness for different screen sizes, and pagination so the entire blog isn't crammed into a single page. In determining the best way to go about implementing pagination, it was nice to see that my ideas were pretty much spot on with what others have recommended in their own approach. It's encouraging to see that after 20+ years of programming that I'm getting the hang of this from time to time.*

* This is intended as a very tongue-in-cheek statement with an included sly wink and grin. Programming can be a very rewarding and daunting endeavor, but it is notoriously difficult and frustrating at times, so programmers love to celebrate their victories, no matter how minor or major.