Clearing the macOS Calendar Cache

29th August 2018 | Programming

Recently at my job the macOS Calendar has been having problems properly syncing with the Exchange server, likely due to a corrupt attachment. I came across this post by Michael Kummer detailing the steps to resolve the problem I had encountered. I went through all of the listed steps and it corrected the problem. Calendar resynced itself and the annoying warning disappeared.

Well, for a little while, at least.

The problem popped up again. Unfortunately, I haven't determined which particular event is causing the conflict, but for the time being, I had to go through all of the steps again. But if this is liable to happen again, the situation invites itself as an opportunity for a little scripting to simplify the process.

I whipped up the following bash script which performs four steps:

  1. Quit the Calendar app
  2. Delete all of the Calendar cache files
  3. Kill all running processes related to the Calendar
  4. Restart the Calendar app

Remember to set the executable permission on the script via chmod 755 To make things even quicker, an alias can be set up in your shell so the script can be quickly run from anywhere in the Terminal.