About Edenwaith
Every good work of software starts by scratching a developer's personal itch.
        -- Eric S. Raymond

There often comes a time in a programmer's career when he (or she) has a computing need which is not available or there is no suitable application in existence. Edenwaith was founded on this premise to fill in this gap.

Edenwaith is dedicated to create a variety of software products from games to file archiving utilities.

There are several main goals to be accomplished at Edenwaith, in this order (and someone please give us a strong boot to the head if it ever becomes otherwise!)
  1. To have fun : Like music or painting, programming is in itself an art. We do it because we love it, the process of creating and refining, bringing something to life.
  2. To make great products : Have you ever heard anyone say, "Let's make some cheap, mediocre products?" Probably not many, and it won't be heard here.
  3. To educate : Most of Edenwaith's products have a dual purpose, and one of them is to educate. With each new product, we learn something new, and often times, the source code is also released so others can learn from our own experiences.
  4. To make a little money : As much fun as being incredibly poor is...okay, it's no fun at all. But it would be nice to be able to afford the niceties of life (ramen, rent, iMacs, etc.).