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Devlog Permanent Eraser: The Future Fri, 15 August 2008 21:18 | Permanent Eraser

Since August of 2007, nearly all attention has been placed on the development of 33 RPM. This past April, 33 RPM was finally released after many years of being in an embryonic state, but the progress has continued with a new update each following month. While this intense focus on 33 RPM is noted, it has taken away time from other Edenwaith projects. 33 RPM has a long way to go before it becomes a more mature product, so the focus will still be on 33 RPM for quite awhile, but it is getting time to mind the other "children".

Between September 2006 and May 2007, Permanent Eraser experienced a flourish of rapid development (undergoing seven releases), but since then, there has been only a single update. Despite the slow down, Permanent Eraser has remained one of Edenwaith's most popular applications.

Permanent Eraser 2.3.3 was never planned, since its features were originally planned for Permanent Eraser 2.4. However, a couple of necessary fixes and improvements needed to be released, and Permanent Eraser 2.4 was still far from being complete. Fortunately, this was the right choice to make, since Permanent Eraser 2.4 is still in an alpha stage of development. A functional version of Permanent Eraser 2.4 has been running for the past several months, but it will continue to be fine tuned and perfected until it is released later this year. Considering that the time between PE 2.1.2 and PE 2.2.0 was eleven months, it isn't new for extended periods of development to take place (and then perhaps followed by a burst of development). After Permanent Eraser 2.4, version 2.5 is planned, and that will likely be the end of the 2.x line for Permanent Eraser, to be replaced by Permanent Eraser 3.