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Devlog 33 RPM 1.1.0 Sun, 26 October 2008 16:00 | 33 RPM

Today marks the release of 33 RPM 1.1, which features the following:

  • Added video playback.
  • Open files via a URL.
  • Added support for the media keys on Apple keyboards.
  • Added Apple Remote support.
  • Added additional methods to reset controls.
  • Minor adjustments of Volume, Speed, and Pitch can be set by holding down the Option key.
  • Hot key shortcuts now work while the info or control panels are active.
  • New and modified keyboard shortcuts for viewing movies, changing speed, and resetting controls.

The first several updates were spaced apart by about a month, but this one took a little longer to complete. Product roadmaps are helpful in providing for some guidance, but the direction a product takes can quickly take another path. The original plan for 33 RPM was to add video playback, but that idea was shelved when the focus changed to add the capability to save out the changes of a song. After several months of researching how to save out a song with the changes applied resulted in being a much trickier problem than had originally been expected. This is certainly a big feature to be added to a future version of 33 RPM, but it will likely require some extensive recoding of 33 RPM. Instead of spending more time going nowhere fast, 33 RPM reverted back to the original plan of adding video playback, along with several other new features which are mentioned above. Even the best laid plans are easily lead astray, which sometimes leads to misdirection and delays. It does not make software development the most favorable of environments, but that is often the nature of the beast.