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Devlog Permanent Eraser 2.3.4 Mon, 17 November 2008 17:17 | Permanent Eraser

Edenwaith is proud to announce the release of Permanent Eraser 2.3.4. This version re-corrects an issue where Permanent Eraser would stall after deleting around 250 files. This issue was originally thought to have been corrected with Permanent Eraser 2.3.3, but later testing revealed that this nasty bug had not been entirely squashed.

The 2.3.x line of Permanent Eraser will be the last versions of Permanent Eraser to be supported on Mac OS 10.2 "Jaguar". Even during the testing of PE 2.3.4, special considerations had to be made so the application would still run properly on Mac OS 10.2. Edenwaith has a number of products which started during the early days of Mac OS X, and we try to offer legacy support for them as long as possible until those systems' limitations hamper the evolution of our products.

Even though this was a small patch release, I am very proud of this application. Each update to Permanent Eraser tries to be ever more sleeker, faster, and more perfect than before. Not only does PE 2.3.4 work even better than its predecessors, but it managed to shave off a couple thousand bytes in the process.

Yet, progress has dug its claws into Permanent Eraser, which will drag this program into the future...