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Devlog GUI Tar 1.2.0 Released and Untar Discontinuation Sat, 28 February 2009 20:00 | GUI Tar

Today, GUI Tar 1.2 was released, which adds zip compression capabilities and a console log, a feature that Untar 1.3 has had for several years. By adding the console log, this brings GUI Tar up to feature parity with Untar.

Since GUI Tar now matches its sister application Untar in all features (and then some), the time has come to retire Untar. As it has been mentioned here before, Edenwaith is scaling back on the number of projects it will work on. Since all of Untar's functionality is redundant to what GUI Tar can perform, it does not make much sense to expend the time and energy to support two similar programs. Untar will still be available for download and is licensed under the GPL, so anyone can take the source code and use it for their own needs.