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Devlog Website Update Thu, 16 April 2009 16:00 | Website

It was an exciting and interesting time during the early days of Web development, where Internet Explorer and Netscape vied for web browser dominance. Due to the early chaos of these early years, standards were not on the forefront yet, but it was more interesting to see how each browser could top each other with unique tricks and effects (Although, some claim that the blink tag should have never come into being.)

Fast forward a decade, where renewed competition amongst several browsers (currently, Firefox, Safari, Opera, and IE, and their related brethren) is forcing a stronger standard how web pages need to be developed, display, and react. We are likely closer to reaching a set of browsers that are pretty well compliant for the first time, but this might be soon changing with advances in browsers like Firefox and Safari which will herald in the next era of the Web with HTML 5 and CSS3.

The Edenwaith website has gone through several iterations since its inception in February 2001. While another complete overhaul of the site is awhile off still, the home page has undergone some significant changes, in both the way it is constructed and how it displays information. Table-based layouts are quickly becoming an archaic method to construct web pages, and such this site is also taking steps towards moving to a stronger CSS-base and eliminate tables when not necessary. There is still the occasional viewer who is using Netscape 4 or IE5, but it is time to move on and support the browsers of today. If you are using a Webkit-based web browser (Safari, OmniWeb, Shiira, or Chrome), hover over the product titles in the middle of the page, and they will display an impressive transitional background fill, just one of the many hopeful tricks we will see more of in the approaching years.