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Devlog rsary Wed, 22 April 2009 10:00 | 33 RPM

In addition to today being Earth Day, it is also (coincidentally) the first anniversary since 33 RPM's release.

Unlike previous product releases, 33 RPM had a much more proactive and aggressive development cycle after its initial release. Since it was released a year ago, there have been six additional updates, which far surpasses the one or two updates a year that many of Edenwaith's older programs would receive per year.

33 RPM is still in an infant stage, but there are a great number of features planned for future releases. The most requested new feature, being able to export or save a song, is in the works. It is coming, but there is no expected release date for when it will be available. We want to ensure that this is done correctly.

Thank you to everyone who has tried out (and purchased) 33 RPM. Now, it's time to go plant a flower and hug a tree.