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Devlog Another Website Update Mon, 18 May 2009 14:00 | Website

For the past six years, Edenwaith's home page has remained fairly consistent in its appearance and function. Today, the home page has undergone its most significant upgrade in years, eliminating all tables by relying heavily upon more modern CSS-driven layout.

The form and function have been altered slightly, but it is what lays underneath that displays the real changes. Things have been cleaned up and slimmed down by separating the structure and design into their constituent parts. One of the most "interesting" things about the redesign was building the page so it looked and worked well for all major web browsers. Things are certainly better than they were ten years ago, where Netscape and IE took their own ways in displaying web content. Whereas Safari, Firefox, Opera, and their related brethern play nicely together, IE6 tends to break things. If a web page is massaged just right, then IE7 will render a page properly, but if not, then it will revert to IE6 mode, which can cause complications and limitations. It will be interesting to see how long web designers and developers decide to support IE6. IE6 is still used by a significant number of people that it cannot be dropped just yet, but perhaps by 2011 (five years after IE7's arrival), it will be time to retire support for IE6 and support the current browsers of the times.