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Devlog Snow Leopard Sat, 5 September 2009 23:00 | Mac OS X

The release of Mac OS 10.6 "Snow Leopard" last week has caused a flurry of activity for Macintosh developers as they prepare their applications for Apple's latest operating system. The story has been no different at Edenwaith, where our applications have been checked against Snow Leopard. Listed below are any known issues that have cropped up with Edenwaith's products and Snow Leopard.

  • 33 RPM : 33 RPM 1.1.3 cannot open files properly and the Open Recent file list does not work on the Welcome Window. Download 33 RPM 1.1.4 β and use this version for Snow Leopard until the official version has been completed.
  • Permanent Eraser : The only problem seen so far is the included Automator Action might complain about not being "Universal". We are looking into this issue. This issue has been fixed with Permanent Eraser 2.4.0.
  • GUI Tar : Program locks up after the Save dialog window disappears when trying to create an archive (.tar, .zip, etc.). This problem has been fixed with GUI Tar 1.2.3.

If you discover any issues with our products which have not been listed here, please contact us.