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Devlog 33 RPM 1.1.4 Tue, 3 November 2009 22:00 | 33 RPM

Last Friday, the final version of 33 RPM 1.1.4 was released, which corrected a number of issues which appeared with Mac OS 10.6 "Snow Leopard".

Apple, Inc. should be lauded for doing what few software companies rarely do — take the time to step back and refine their current product. However, in their efforts to tweak and optimize Mac OS X, they made a number of smaller changes which has caused an even greater number of issues (and resulting headaches) for other developers. Several of Edenwaith's products have transitioned between Mac OS X upgrades without any issues, yet Mac OS 10.6 has brought forth the largest number of new issues of any version of Mac OS X to date.

Much of 33 RPM 1.1.4 focused on conforming the program to Snow Leopard's peculiarities. Some of the changes make little sense, but occasionally Apple is forcing developers to clean up their code and conform more tightly to their method of programming. Here was an odd message that appeared in testing 33 RPM in Snow Leopard when selecting a song from the Open Recent menu:

This message was an obvious fallacy, especially since 33 RPM went along on its happy way to play the song. Yet, this error never appeared before in any previous version of Mac OS X. The answer came down to how NSApplication's method application:openFile returned its value. If the value was successfully opened, return a boolean value of YES. But if the program defaults to returning NO, the error message shown above is displayed.