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Devlog 33 RPM 1.1.7 Fri, 1 October 2010 20:30 | 33 rpm
Yesterday, 33 RPM 1.1.7 was released, featuring some minor improvements and refinements.
  • 33 RPM dynamically registers itself as an available application to be able to play any applicable audio or video files. &mdash Right-click on an audio or video file, and 33 RPM will be in the list of available programs (as long as the file type is supported).
  • Minor user experience improvements.
  • Reverted back to an older version of the Sparkle framework. — A nasty and unfortunate issue was discovered with the updating system in 33 RPM 1.1.6. If you get a message that says "The update is improperly signed.", you will need to manually download and install the latest version of 33 RPM. You can download the latest version here.