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Devlog 1849...(An iPhone Developer I Should Turn To Be) Mon, 31 March 2008 | iPhone

Every couple of years, the technology world shifts enough to disrupt the current inertia of the lumbering beast. This change presents an opportunity for the smaller, sprier developers to leap ahead of the pack and get a piece of the pie before the dinosaurs of the industry realize that somebody is eating their lunch. The introduction of Windows 95 and Mac OS X were defining moments where existing developers had to decide whether they were going to stick with the older systems (DOS and the Classic Mac OS), or if they were going to leave it all behind, and become a pioneer into the new, unexplored frontier. And that brings us to the recently revealed iPhone SDK.

The iPhone certainly has great potential, and after trying to work with my last set of cell phones, the iPhone's simplicity makes it even more appealing. After watching the presentation of what the iPhone SDK could do, this lit my mind afire -- it literally kept me up at night, fantasizing about all of the potential programs that I could write.

We are all sitting on an untapped gold mine, and thousands of others realize this fact. The questions will be: Who will be first? Who will be the best? What new ideas will emerge?

Looking at the current line-up of Edenwaith's applications, some would translate well to the iPhone, while others would not fit in too well. EdenGraph would be a decent candidate, whereas GUI Tar likely would not. EdenList would just be yet another to-do list manager, so it would not be worth the time to rewrite for the iPhone. [Note: How wrong that last statement proved to be!]

However, I did not even initially consider Edenwaith's current offerings when considering interesting projects to work on. Instead, I went back to what started it all for Edenwaith: Games. The use of the iPhone's accelerometer has especially intrigued me, bringing up ideas of the Antwerp Maze in Quest For Glory 4, or the hand-held steely-ball mazes. At this time, these are merely ideas, so one could expect anything from Absolute Nothing to Finished Product.