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Devlog 33 RPM Released Tue, 22 April 2008 | 33 RPM

33 RPM, a new music transcribing utility for the Macintosh, has been released today.

33 RPM 1.0 is the culmination of development over the past three years. While proper development started several years ago, the idea of 33 RPM has lingered around even longer. Very early experiments of 33 RPM started out as Carbon or Java-based applications, just right around the time when Mac OS X was introduced. Technologies morphed and evolved over time, and 33 RPM became a Cocoa-based project. However, it is not the underpinnings that is the core to this program. 33 RPM is far from the first pitch and speed changing application, but the programs that were available just didn't quite feel right. Too many of them felt like a dated program that was still clinging to its 90s ways. Leave Windows 95 and OS 9 interfaces to the yester-decade. 33 RPM is not just about working well (very important, of course), but also looking good, as well. A lot of time was spent towards making an interface that is clean and simple, without having to sacrifice the flexibility and power. At a later date, there will be a postmortem entry about the various changes 33 RPM went through.

It's a tremendous relief to have the initial version of 33 RPM finally out the door. There are many, many improvements waiting to be added which will be the fodder for the future incarnations of 33 RPM.