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Devlog 33 RPM: Aftermath Thu, 15 May 2008 | 33 RPM

It has been several weeks since 33 RPM 1.0 was released, and the overall result has been pretty positive. Considering that 33 RPM is Edenwaith's first for-pay product (all other products are freeware), I was not quite sure what to expect, but I prepared myself for the potential onslaught.

Good News, Bad News
The good news is, there was no onslaught. The bad news also is, there was no onslaught. The good side is that I wasn't deluged with show-stopping bugs or negative reviews. The bad side is that there hasn't been quite the level of attention that I would like, but considering that this is a brand new application, that is not wholly unexpected. One very positive note is that 33 RPM was featured on MacUpdate's Weekly Popular list, which helped contribute over a thousand additional downloads.

Considering that all of Edenwaith's products are freeware, every new paid license that comes in is a blessing. THANK YOU to everyone who registered 33 RPM. I have read some horror stories where someone spent years working on a project to only end up selling six licenses. I'm happy to report that 33 RPM has surpassed this initial milestone (so, that's at least seven license), but still a very far cry from being a working income (more like pizza and pez money for now). Another thing to note: even when your product has been released, don't expect the orders to immediately pour in -- it might take a few days for people to evaluate the product and decide if it is right for them. The only real downside that I did not originally expect was the low conversion rate. Compared to what other small Mac companies have reported, approximately 3 - 4% of the people who downloaded an application eventually paid for the product. 33 RPM's conversation rate has been less than 1% up to this point. Not that I am disappointed with any of the sales, I just was not expecting the conversion to be lower than I estimated. However, this is just the initial release, which hasn't garnered much attention yet, and there are many, many more features to be added in the future. Which leads to the next point...

The Future
As expected, this is only the beginning of 33 RPM. The first update will be out this month, and the next couple of updates will hopefully come out this coming summer (or winter if you live in the southern hemisphere). Somewhere along the line I will write up a postmortem for 33 RPM to detail 33 RPM's journey from its humble origins as a Java application to the final product known as 33 RPM 1.0.