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GUI Tar 1.2.4

27th January 2011 | GUI Tar

2011 has started off well with two software updates in January. GUI Tar has been updated to address a couple of issues.

  • Improved calculation of file sizes listed in the compression table. — Updated with code from the FolderSize tutorial, which returns the correct size for applications which contain additional frameworks.
  • Minor UI improvements.
  • Optimizations and clean up for a leaner application. — Instead of using old, custom icons originally designed for Untar, GUI Tar now only uses custom icons (which match the current look of Mac OS X's archive icons) for 7z, rar, and taz files. This reduced the number of custom icons contained within the application, which helped to reduce the overall size of GUI Tar.

At this time, this is the only planned release for GUI Tar this year. GUI Tar is a freeware application which has seen infrequent updates in the past several years, and there are no current plans to heavily continue development on GUI Tar in the foreseeable future. If your archiving needs exceed what Mac OS X or GUI Tar can provide, it is recommended that you look for a more appropriate solution (such as StuffIt, BetterZip, or one of the many other archiving utilities available).