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Permanent Eraser 2.5.2

11th July 2011 | Permanent Eraser

Today, Permanent Eraser 2.5.2 was released, with a focus on updating the localizations for the new Preferences window introduced in Permanent Eraser 2.5.

  • Updated localizations : The Preferences window has been fully localized for Swedish and Dutch, and partial localizations were made for German, French, Italian, and Traditional Chinese. The Last Checked date in the Update pane now respects the local format. In the Plug-Ins pane, the path to the plug-in also displays the proper localization ("Bibliothek" instead of "Library"). Fixed the issue where the Italian Preferences window could not be opened
  • Updated Services plug-in : It had been reported in one case that trying to use the plug-in Service in Mac OS 10.6 was returning an error. The Service has been recreated to be able to accept files from either Finder or other applications.
  • Erasing single file : Erasing an individual file will display the name of the file being erased in the alert dialog.
  • Help : Added new Acknowledgments page. Fixed the issue where clicking on the Help button in the Preferences window would not open the correct help page.
  • System compatibility : Permanent Eraser was tested for all versions of Mac OS X from Mac OS 10.3 through 10.7. No functional problems were discovered in testing with the Developer Preview versions of Mac OS 10.7 "Lion". Due to the latest set of improvements made in the application, it is becoming more difficult to develop a single version to cover all of these version of Mac OS X. A special version of Permanent Eraser has been developed for Mac OS 10.3 "Panther" users, which can be downloaded here. Support for Panther will likely be dropped in the 2.6 release of Permanent Eraser.