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33 RPM 1.1.8

9th December 2012 | 33 RPM

Today, the long due update to 33 RPM, version 1.1.8, was released.

Features and updates:

  • 33 RPM is now available as a free product.
  • Tested and verified for OS X Lion and Mountain Lion.
  • Minor UI improvements.
  • Minor bug fixes.

The most important change to 33 RPM in this release is that 33 RPM is now free of cost. Since the development of this project has dropped off precipitously in the past two years, it did not make sense to continue charging for a product which was not being continually updated. If you recently purchased 33 RPM and have not already received a refund, please contact us.

33 RPM 1.1.8 has also been tested and verified for the past two releases of OS X — Lion and Mountain Lion, both which have been quickly released since 33 RPM 1.1.7 was released in September 2010. One nasty, but occasional, bug that was squashed was trying to adjust the time slider would not work in Lion or Mountain Lion. A number of other smaller cosmetic and functional issues have also been made.