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Edenwaith 2017

25th March 2017 | Edenwaith

2017 will be a year of renewal, which will focus on rebuilding the website and certain products.


The last major set of website improvements date back to 2009, well before responsive design was a standard to address the browsing capabilities for smart phones and tablets, in addition to their desktop counterparts. I've been researching a number of new methods for the fourth major redesign of the Edenwaith website. I've been heavily favoring some form of static site generation to display the various projects hosted here, plus allow for a decent blogging solution. This is still in the early stages and will require some experimentation to determine what will work best for this site's needs.

Until the day that Edenwaith 4.0 is live, I have introduced a couple of new design elements to the current site to try out a couple of new ideas.

  • Removed the Company section and replaced it with the About section.
  • Updated the Products and Downloads pages.
  • Redesigned the home page so it is more responsive and readable on mobile devices.
  • Added GitHub, Twitter, and Contact icons in the page footer. Makes use of FontAwesome.
  • Added higher resolution graphics for a better appearance on Retina-level displays.

EdenList for iOS 2.0

EdenList for iOS began as my first project for the iPhone back in 2009. In the past eight years, a lot has changed in the realm of iOS development. I have incrementally improved this app on a yearly basis, but its development has finally reached a point where the original foundation is too unstable and archaic to be viable in this rapidly mutating environment. Gone will be the Objective-C, XIBs, and manually managed memory, which will be replaced by Swift, Storyboards, and ARC (amongst many of the various other refinements).

Permanent Eraser

There are still a handful of features I'd like to complete during the 2.x lifespan of Permanent Eraser. Version 2.7.1 was released last December and plans are in the works for PE 2.7.2 and 2.8. After that, things are very much up in the air, but there are some interesting paths which Permanent Eraser might travel in the future.