Compiler Optimization
Now that your program is nearly complete, it is time for the final touch. A scientific calculator is not a highly intensive program on today's systems, but for the more processor intensive program, optimizing the program can be useful to help squeeze a little more performance out of it.

  1. To set the compiler optimization settings on a project, click on the Target tab (it runs vertically along with the Breakpoints, Bookmarks, Classes, and Files tabs).
  2. In the Targets window, click on the name of the Project.
  3. A new window and set of tabs will appear on the right section of the project. Click on the Build Settings tab.
  4. Below the Installation Location section is the Compiler Settings section. You can set the level of optimization by adjusting the Optimization level: menu. A higher optimization will make debugging more difficult, which can be a pain with more complicated programs. However, if there are problems tracking down problems, Project Builder has its own debugger, and there are other Developer tools such as MallocDebug or Thread Viewer.