As with any program, there are multiple ways to design and implement it. What is being offered in this tutorial is just one way of many. I make no offer that this is necessarily the best or the slickest way to go about creating a calculator. It comes down to this: the program works.

Since EdenMath is freeware, and this tutorial was included, EdenMath and its code should be used for educational purposes. Do not redistribute or steal the code to put into your own application and claim it is yours. Anyway, it would be pretty silly to just steal this code, recompile it, and distribute another Scientific Calculator out there, especially since there are quite a few already available (some for free, others available as shareware).

If you do have any constructive comments, suggestions, questions, wish to collaborate, or have found a problem with EdenMath, e-mail me at support@edenwaith.com.

EdenMath and the Developer's Tutorial were written, designed, and programmed by Chad Armstrong. © 2002-2004 Edenwaith.

Further information about EdenMath is available at http://www.edenwaith.com/products/edenmath/.