Supported Files
System Requirements
Mac OS 10.1 or later
3 MB Available HD space
Languages: English, Français, Italiano, 繁體中文 (Traditional Chinese)
Price: $0. €0. £0. ¥0.
Untar :: Version History Untar 1.3.3 (2 December 2007)
  • Uncompressing Zip files excludes the unnecessary __MACOSX files.
  • Added Italian localization.
Untar 1.3.2 (25 February 2007)
  • Now open source under the GPL license.
  • Added French localization.
  • Added Traditional Chinese localization.
  • Updated Help files.
  • Fixed a potential problem with extracting from 7z files.
  • Archives will now extract the files into their own containing folder.
Untar 1.3.1 (25 February 2006)
  • Compiled as a Universal Binary for PowerPC and Intel support
  • Support for 7-zip (.7z) files
  • Console Log maintains its window settings and past logs
  • Packaged as a Disk Image (.dmg)
  • Help files indexed
  • Several smaller errors have been corrected
Untar 1.3.0 (10 March 2005)
  • Support for new file formats: svgz, tbz, tbz2, and rar
  • Full Mac OS 10.3 compatability
  • Zip, bzip2, and unrar support for all versions of Mac OS X. Untar does not depend upon the operating system or previously installed tools to provide support for zip, bzip2, and unrar
  • A console log to display detailed information of what's going on in the background
  • New application and associated file icons
  • Updated interface, with a slimmer and more professional appearance
  • Packaged as a dmg.gz, just as it should be, so it can be easily unpacked by Mac OS X
Untar 1.2.1 (10 November 2003)
  • Several small errors were corrected where notification message boxes would appear at incorrect times.
Untar 1.2.0 (19 October 2003)
  • Additional support for .taz, .bz, .bz2, and .zip file formats.
  • Opens up Disk Copy automatically after uncompressing a .dmg.gz file.
  • Help System added.
  • Modified user interface.
Untar 1.1.0 (5 January 2003)
  • Improved icon.
  • Now supports .z, .Z, .tar.z, and .tar.Z file formats.
Untar 1.0.1 (9 September 2002)
  • Same functionality as the original version. Internal code was modified and optimized. Source code and project files were included with this release.
Untar 1.0.0 (2 September 2002)
  • Original version released.