Uli Jon Roth Website

7th June 2011 | Website

Ten years since the release of the last major version, the Uli Jon Roth website has been updated to its fifth incarnation. While not directly related to Edenwaith's software products, this site has been hosted under the Edenwaith domain for several years.

The updated Uli Jon Roth website is the culmination of the past seven years of work to redesign the site for the 21st century. The previous version was designed in June 2001, supporting the web browsers of the day, such as Netscape 4 and IE 5. The Web has evolved over the past decade, and while the old site lived well past its years, the time has finally come to usher in a new version.

This site redesign cleaned out a lot of cobwebs, and uncovered a few hidden treasures along the way. Here's what is new: