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Who Is He?

Mystical Metal Image

Uli Jon Roth (a.k.a. Ulrich Roth) is a German-born virtuoso guitarist who has been in bands such as Scorpions, Electric Sun, and Sky of Avalon. While maintaining a cult status, he has influenced and inspired the likes of other great guitarists such as Eddie Van Halen, Axel Rudi Pell, Kirk Hammett, and Yngwie Malmsteen.

He played with Scorpions in the mid-70's for 5 years, recording 4 studio albums and 1 live album. After departing from Scorpions, he went to form his own band Electric Sun and recorded three albums. During this period, Uli developed the unique Sky Guitar, which would allow him to pursue a his dreams of playing notes on a guitar generally played in the violin-register. He then disappeared from the music scene for more than 10 years before coming back with a new band called Sky of Avalon, which resulted in Roth's departure from Rock N' Roll and embracing a more classically-oriented sound. In 2000 he released the unique album Transcendental Sky Guitar, which displays his virtuosity and appreciation for both rock and classical music. He continued his classical experiments with his rendition of Vivaldi's Four Seasons, titled Metamorphosis and then followed up with Symphonic Legend Volume Number I - Under A Dark Sky.

The past several years have been dedicated to touring, Sky Academy seminars, and revisiting his days with the Scorpions by releasing Scorpions Revisited and Tokyo Tapes Revisited.

Intro to Uli Jon Roth's Music

For one new to Uli Jon Roth's music, they might ask, "Where should I start?" Uli's career can be split into three eras: Scorpions, Electric Sun, and Uli Jon Roth. The Scorpions period extends from 1973 through 1978 when he was a guitarist for the German band Scorpions. Electric Sun was the band he formed after leaving Scorpions, which came out with three albums. The third era simply dubbed Uli Jon Roth represents his work after the Electric Sun albums. Below are suggested albums to start listening to, to become more familiar with Uli Jon Roth's music.

  • Era I - Scorpions : Virgin Killer - This became Uli's signature album, considering he wrote over half of it with songs like "Virgin Killer", "Hell Cat", "Yellow Raven", and the immortal "Polar Nights".
  • Era II - Electric Sun : Firewind - Quite possibly the most commercially accessible of the three Electric Sun albums, it comes ladened with such tasty cuts like "Cast Away Your Chains", "Firewind", "Indian Dawn", and "Hiroshima".
  • Era III - Transcendental Sky Guitar - If there is any one album which wraps Uli up in a nutshell, it would be this one. It covers such a wide variety of music from his own compositions, to many classical covers (Mozart, Chopin, Bach), and even a couple Hendrix covers.

Current News

5 March 2017

Uli has kept himself busy with touring during the past several years, and this year has been no exception as he is touring to support his new live album Tokyo Tapes Revisited. Last night, Uli played at the Arcada Theater in St. Charles, Illinois, USA for the third time. The accompanying acts were Frank DiMino and Graham Bonnet. I'm not familiar with Frank DiMino or the band Angel, but he was most lively and played around 45 minutes to warm up the crowd. Graham Bonnet was up next and played for about an hour. He is far from being a spring chicken, but he was still quite spry on stage and still has the power in his voice. I would say he is the Humphrey Bogart of vocalists — he only has one style, but what he does, he does very, very well. (Side note: I love Bogart, so this is not a criticism. Graham Bonnet sounded great.) Graham did an excellent job introducing each song, and often added a little banter between songs, including joking about not playing "Since You've Been Gone". The following is the setlist for the Graham Bonnet Band:

  1. Eyes of the World
  2. All Night Long
  3. S.O.S.
  4. God Blessed Video
  5. Will You Be Home Tonight?
  6. Into The Night
  7. Night Games
  8. Jet to Jet
  9. Island In The Sun
  10. Since You've Been Gone
  11. Assault Attack
  12. Lost In Holywood

For Uli's set, one thing which was different was the singer/guitarist Niklas Turmann was playing bass guitar instead of rhythm guitar, but it was later revealed that Dean Guitars CEO Elliot Rubinson was originally slated to play bass again, but Rubinson sadly passed away this past February. Highlights of this concert were hearing live versions of "Just Another Rainbow" and "Yellow Raven". Upon hearing live renditions of songs like "Hell Cat" or "Just Another Rainbow", one can certainly hear the Jimi Hendrix influence which snuck through during Uli's earlier albums. Uli Jon Roth's setlist:

  1. All Night Long
  2. Longing For Fire
  3. The Sails of Charon
  4. Sun In My Hand
  5. Just Another Rainbow
  6. We'll Burn The Sky (Dedicated to Elliot Rubinson)
  7. In Trance
  8. Rainbow Prelude
  9. Fly To The Rainbow
  10. Hell Cat
  11. Dark Lady
  12. Yellow Raven
  13. Pictured Life
  14. Catch Your Train
  15. All Along the Watchtower
  16. Little Wing

10 January 2017

A decade after it's release, I have finally added the compilation album The Best of Uli Jon Roth to this site's discography. This is an album I had (oddly) held off from purchasing for many years since this album did not offer much that was new besides the slightly modified version of Enola Gay - Hiroshima Today?, a song I had already purchased online. This album does display an interesting collection of Uli's post-Scorpions material, which has been grouped into similar arrangements. There are a couple of interesting items to note about this album. The cover of this album was taken from a photo from a House of Blues concert in Chicago from 11 September 2004. For me, this is quite exciting since I was at that very concert.

Of even more interest are the comprehensive linear notes which make reference to a fourth Electric Sun album which was never recorded. Back in 2005 I had made a joking reference to a secret fourth Electric Sun album, and had compiled a list of nine songs which could have appeared on this spectral album. The beautiful ballad Starlight was one of these potential songs. This song was written in late 1984, after the recording of Beyond the Astral Skies, but it was later played on that same tour, along with other unrecorded songs such as On That Night, God Is Light and Daughter of the Evening Sun.

1 January 2017

In 2016, the new live album Tokyo Tapes Revisited was released, which includes both CD and Blu-Ray.

  1. All Night Long 4:49
  2. Longing For Fire 3:23
  3. Crying Days 5:43
  4. The Sails of Charon 10:07
  5. Sun In My Hand 5:10
  6. Virgin Killer 4:40
  7. Kojo No Tsuki 5:22
  8. We'll Burn the Sky 8:54
  9. In Trance 7:51
  10. Rainbow Dream Prelude 8:37
  11. Fly to the Rainbow 10:56
  12. Top of the Bill 4:38
  13. I've Got To Be Free 11:45
  14. Polar Nights 10:09
  15. Dark Lady 15:11
  16. Pictured Life 3:05
  17. Catch Your Train 4:41
  18. All Along the Watchtower 7:56
  19. Little Wing 8:24

Uli will be touring in support of the new album this year.

On a side note, this site will be turning 20 years old this year, which is practically an eon as measured in Internet time.

29 January 2015

Despite what one article mentioned, Uli's newest album Scorpions Revisited is already available (at least through digital channels). If you have been fortunate enough to have seen Uli on tour in the past few years, this album captures the magic of his performances, which is capped off by a beautiful and cosmic version of "Fly to the Rainbow" which has an almost Pink Floyd edge to it.

Uli was also on the December 2014 cover of Young Guitar magazine, which is filled with tons of great Scorpions riffs, plus a full transcription of "Catch Your Train". If you are a guitarist, it is well worth it to try and get a copy.