Site Updates

[28 October 2021]
Finally made an update after a few years. Things have been pretty quiet, especially with the cancellation of tours due to visa issues and the pandemic. But did add a new link for the new-ish Sky Guitars site and cleaned up a bunch of dead links, in the process.

[1 April 2017]
Corrected some of the lyrics on the Beyond the Astral Skies page and also added the extensive eponymous poem.

[10 January 2017]
Added the new page and info for the compilation album The Best of Uli Jon Roth. Added the favicon for the site.

[1 January 2017]
Added the new page and info for the latest album Tokyo Tapes Revisited. Updated tour dates for 2015, 2016, and 2017. Cleaned up some dead links. Removed links to the RSS feed, which was just never getting updated (mea culpa).

[29 January 2015]
Added the new page and info for the latest album Scorpions Revisited. Added some Easter Eggs on a couple of the Scorpions album pages.

[5 October 2014]
Added a new article from The Vinyl District.

[19 May 2014]
Added some extra CSS polish for shadowing and alternate row background coloring in a list.

[24 January 2013]

  • Added three new DVDs (Vosselaar, In Concert, and The Country Club) to the Music page.
  • Updated the About the Site page with the three new DVDs.
  • Updated the Tours page with the known tour dates for 2013.
  • Added links to three new Articles.
  • Added links to the official UJR Facebook and Twitter accounts.
  • Updated the various News pages.

[2 February 2012]
Updated the Items I Own section on the About the Site page. Updated the Discography section on the Music page with the Live In Hollywood DVD. Updated the Equipment page with the Blackstar amp.

[May - June 2011]
Big site overhaul to Version 5.0.

[20 October 2010]
Added a new tab for the song Inquisition from the album Under A Dark Sky.

[12 August 2010]
As time marches on, slowly does the new Uli Jon Roth site plod forward to its new design.

[15 April 2010]
Updated several of the links on the Contacts page.

[1 February 2010]
Added a site map footer to the home page and performed general site maintenance to clean up the links and content on a couple of other pages.

[17 January 2010]
General site clean up and minor additions for new information about the new Dean Sky Guitar.

[4 June 2009]
Updated the Sky Guitar page with additional details about these guitars.

[1 March 2009]
While the new website is still in the preliminary stages, I did makes some updates to the new design. It is available here.

[27. September 2008]
Added a new page for Uli's solo career and made some minor adjustments and corrections to several other web pages.

[16. September 2008]
Added a long-lost tab for Catch Your Train that I had transcribed over 9 years ago.

[20. August 2008]
Added a new page for the latest album, Under A Dark Sky. Updated several other pages to reflect the addition of the new album.

[20. June 2008]
Made some further tweaks to the work-in-slow-progress site which will eventually become the new Uli Roth website.

[18. February 2008]
Modified the ending solo for the song "Yellow Raven".

[30. January 2008]
Added a new solo riff tab for the song "Yellow Raven".

[1. September 2007]
Found a misplaced tab of I'll Be Loving You Always that got lost during the site reconstruction of 2001. And speaking of site reconstruction, a new version of this site is in early development.

[23. August 2007]
Activity on this site has (sadly) been very limited for the past year. However, there should be some more improvements to this site within the next year. Remember those promises several years back about a new site redesign? Yes, it is still in the works, maybe something will begin to happen in the next 12 to 15 months.

[27. August 2006]
Updated the Sky Guitar page with images of the first three Sky guitars. The Pictures and G3 Pictures pages have been updated, which now display clickable thumbnails of the available pictures, plus many broken links were fixed.

[26. August 2006]
Rescanned higher resolutions of three tabs and added a submitted tab for Scherzo Alla Paganini to the site.

[19. August 2006]
Modified the header of the website and fixed some links throughout the site. Added several links for a message board and guestbook on the Contacts page and a new link for videos on the Media page.

[29. April 2006]
The Sky Guitar page has been updated with some new information about Uli's main axe.

[14. December 2005]
Updated the About Me page with some new items, and fixed some dead links.

[24. September 2005]
In addition to the news updates, this site now has the addition of a RSS 2.0 feed, so you can use your favorite news aggregator to read up on the most current news.

[24. May 2005]
Promises revisited. Nearly a year ago, I mentioned that I was planning a redesign of this site. "Intended" to redesign the site is a more appropriate term. However, there has been some real progress in the fruitition of the next iteration of this Uli Roth in there has been at least something! After reading the book Designing With Web Standards, this site is going to be transitioning away from the older 90's style method of HTML and site design, and heading toward a more CSS and XHTML centric way of design. This fresh design harkens back to the early days of the Uli Jon Roth website which was a breeding ground for experimentation for what the Web possessed. For the first time in many years, that element of excitement and freshness has returned, and it will be coming to this site, which should hopefully see its grand opening some time in 2005. Hopefully.

[30. January 2005]
The Earthquake and We'll Burn the Sky tabs used to be hosted on another server, but now they have been finally migrated over to the Edenwaith server.

[16. January 2005]
Promises, promises, promises...Here it is, nearly half a year later, and still not much in the way of a new site design. With the proper amount of time and dedication, this site will hopefully see a new look sometime this year. If that doesn't happen, then it might at least undergo a few minor cosmetic changes and additions.

[1. May 2004]
It's reconstruction time again! Every year or two (or more), this web site undergoes its own metamorphosis. This current site design has served its purpose well for the past several years, but it has come time to make some changes. If you have any suggestions on what you would like to see done or added to this site, please send me an e-mail.

Re-linked the image for the Beethoven Paraphrase.

[17. February 2004]
Created and linked a page for the album Metamorphosis.

[18. January 2003]
Added the Legends of Rock tour dates, moved the We'll Burn the Sky tabs to the Music page, and fixed up or removed a few links.

[14. January 2003]
Added a page for the Legends of Rock - Live at Castle Donington album.

[15. September 2002]
New tablature: posted is the ending solo for the song Yellow Raven.

[29. July 2002]
Site will be moving:
After 5 years, this site will be migrating to another server by the end of this year. Further information will be posted when the new web site address has been finalized (don't you hate waiting?).

[29. July 2002]
New tabs in the works:
I have been (very) slowly been working through a few solos on songs like "Electric Sun" and "Lilac", and if my efforts prove to be at least half-way successful, they will be posted.

Search Engine: As seen near the bottom of this page, a search engine is now available to search through this site.