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[10 January 2017]

A decade after it's release, I have finally added the compilation album The Best of Uli Jon Roth to this site's discography. This is an album I had (oddly) held off from purchasing for many years since this album did not offer much that was new besides the slightly modified version of Enola Gay - Hiroshima Today?, a song I had already purchased online. This album does display an interesting collection of Uli's post-Scorpions material, which has been grouped into similar arrangements. There are a couple of interesting items to note about this album. The cover of this album was taken from a photo from a House of Blues concert in Chicago from 11 September 2004. For me, this is quite exciting since I was at that very concert.

Of even more interest are the comprehensive linear notes which make reference to a fourth Electric Sun album which was never recorded. Back in 2005 I had made a joking reference to a secret fourth Electric Sun album, and had compiled a list of nine songs which could have appeared on this spectral album. The beautiful ballad Starlight was one of these potential songs. This song was written in late 1984, after the recording of Beyond the Astral Skies, but it was later played on that same tour, along with other unrecorded songs such as On That Night, God Is Light and Daughter of the Evening Sun.

[1 January 2017]

In 2016, the new live album Tokyo Tapes Revisited was released, which includes both CD and Blu-Ray.

  1. All Night Long 4:49
  2. Longing For Fire 3:23
  3. Crying Days 5:43
  4. The Sails of Charon 10:07
  5. Sun In My Hand 5:10
  6. Virgin Killer 4:40
  7. Kojo No Tsuki 5:22
  8. We'll Burn the Sky 8:54
  9. In Trance 7:51
  10. Rainbow Dream Prelude 8:37
  11. Fly to the Rainbow 10:56
  12. Top of the Bill 4:38
  13. I've Got To Be Free 11:45
  14. Polar Nights 10:09
  15. Dark Lady 15:11
  16. Pictured Life 3:05
  17. Catch Your Train 4:41
  18. All Along the Watchtower 7:56
  19. Little Wing 8:24

Uli will be touring in support of the new album this year.

On a side note, this site will be turning 20 years old this year, which is practically an eon as measured in Internet time.

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[10 January 2017]
Added the new page and info for the compilation album The Best of Uli Jon Roth. Added the favicon for the site.

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