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Welcome to this fan-based Uli Jon Roth site and thank you for visiting. This site has slowly grown and improved over the years with pictures, sounds, tabs, and other features to create one of the most comprehensive and long lasting Uli Jon Roth sites on the Internet. Since this is a fan-based site, I do not have direct connection to Uli Jon Roth or his management. If you wish to get in touch with Uli's management, there is contact information in the linear notes of the Transcendental Sky Guitar album. If you don't have a copy, well, why not go out and buy one for yourself?

This site was originally created on 28. June 1997, set up as a collection of several pictures. Over the next year the site gathered into a loose assembly of information, adding more information about tablatures, bands, and the Sky Guitar. Quickly the site became stale and amateurish, so the site morphed into Version 2 which had more information, frames and odd little Javascript effects. Much of this information would provide for the core of the site for the next two years. A year later the site changed again, showing off more web programming trickery, and piling on more information. On the fourth anniversary of the site, it was time to shave back some of the programming effects and flare, and carry on a more uniform and professional look to the site, also reorganizing many of the pages in the process. The fourth incarnation served its purpose well for the next ten years before the site was finally redesigned from the ground up and released on 7 June 2011.


E-mail : Chad Armstrong


All information and data on this site is publicly available. However, if you do wish to use some of the information (esp. pictures and tablatures and related material) which is exclusive to this site, please just send me an e-mail that you'd like to use some of the information on this site. For whatever legal reminders may exist, I do not own any of the pictures, tabs, or other misc. info on this site, and they are the property of any appropriate company or person (if applicable).


Thanks go out to all the people who have come to this web site and make it feel important (since web sites enjoy feeling important). Also thanks to everyone who has sent me tabs, pictures, info, and everything else I neglected to include here. Names of thanks: Steve, Bill, JJ, John D., John T., Glen B., and many others. Kudos to Ted and Peter for their early fan Uli sites. And of course a big thanks to Uli Jon Roth for all the great music he has created over the years.

Items I Own


  1. Scorpions - Fly To The Rainbow (LP, cassette, + CD)
  2. Scorpions - In Trance (LP, cassette, + CD)
  3. Scorpions - Virgin Killer (cassette + CD)
  4. Scorpions - Taken By Force (LP + CD)
  5. Scorpions - Tokyo Tapes (LP, cassette, + CD)
  6. Uli Jon Roth 3 CD Box set (Earthquake/Firewind/Beyond)
  7. From Here to Eternity (Earthquake/Firewind/Prologue/Aquila - CD)
  8. Electric Sun - Earthquake (LP - West German pressing)
  9. Electric Sun - Fire Wind (LP)
  10. Electric Sun - Earthquake Retrospective Part I (CD)
  11. Electric Sun - Fire Wind Retrospective Part II (CD)
  12. Electric Sun - Beyond the Astral Skies (LP + CD)
  13. Prologue to the Symphonic Legends (CD)
  14. Transcendental Sky Guitar
  15. Legends of Rock
  16. Metamorphosis
  17. The Best of Uli Jon Roth
  18. Under a Dark Sky
  19. Scorpions Revisited
  20. Tokyo Tapes Revisited

Videos, Bootlegs, & Misc.

  1. Scorpions - Bolton University - 1977 (cassette)
  2. Electric Sun - Belgium - 1980 (VHS)
  3. Electric Sun - Sweden - May 1981 (VHS)
  4. Electric Sun - Old Grey Whistle Test - 1985 (VHS)
  5. Electric Sun - Los Angeles - 1985 (VHS)
  6. Electric Sun - soundcheck - Chicago - 1985 (VHS)
  7. Electric Sun - interview - ???? (VHS)
  8. Uli Jon Roth + Friends - Spirit of Jimi Hendrix Concert - 1991 (VHS)
  9. Uli Jon Roth - Symphonic Rock For Europe - 1993 (VHS + DVD)
  10. G3 tour - 19. May 1998 - U.K. (VHS)
  11. Stamped Uli Jon Roth guitar pick
  12. Large Poster
  13. Uli Jon Roth - By Request (CD)
  14. G3 Tour English Fly Poster
  15. Several Japanese articles
  16. Electric Sun - Köln, Deutschland - 1979 (CD)
  17. Electric Sun - Long Beach, California - 1985 (CD)
  18. Uli Jon Roth - Historic Performances Vol. I & II - Japanese edition (DVD)
  19. Uli Jon Roth - Legends of Rock (DVD)
  20. Electric Sun - Torestorp - 14 May 1983 (cassette + MP3)
  21. Electric Sun - Birmingham, England - 26 February 1985 (cassette + MP3)
  22. Electric Sun - Hammersmith 1985 (CD)
  23. Scorpions - Taken By Force Promos (VHS + DVD)
  24. Uli Jon Roth - Tokyo, Japan - 19 May 2001 (CD)
  25. Scorpions + Uli Jon Roth - Colmar, France - 10 September 2005 (DVD)
  26. Uli Jon Roth - UCLA, California, USA - 27 May 2006 (DVD)
  27. Uli Jon Roth - Santa Rosa, California, USA - 27 September 2008 (DVD)
  28. Uli Jon Roth - Live in Hollywood (DVD)
  29. Uli Jon Roth - The Vosselaar Concert (DVD)
  30. Uli Jon Roth - In Concert (Sweden Rock Festival 2001 + Newcastle, England 2000) (DVD)
  31. Uli Jon Roth + Electric Sun - The Country Club Reseda, California 12 May 1985 (DVD)
  32. Tokyo Tapes Revisited (Blu-Ray)