[29 September 2011]

The 3 Guitar Heroes tour has been postponed to the beginning of 2012. From the 3 Guitar Heroes website:

It is with great regret that Michael Schenker, Uli Jon Roth and Leslie West have been forced to postpone their 3 Guitar Heroes tour. Last week, Leslie was fitted with a prosthetic leg, and the search has been going on for a vehicle suitable for touring, but nothing has been found and there is no way to tour at this time without the security of the wheelchair he has been confined to post-amputation. The plan now is to postpone this tour until the beginning of next year. The Schenker/Roth concert in Mexico on October 2nd is scheduled to go ahead as planned.

The Get Ready To Roll site has an interview with Uli Jon Roth, which also has a link to photos of several of the new Sky Guitars.

[19 September 2011]

Announcing the 3 Guitar Heroes concert with Michael Schenker, Uli Jon Roth, and Leslie West.

The original news release per

Michael Schenker, Uli Jon Roth and Leslie West will join forces for the "3 Guitar Heroes" tour in October/November. Manager Bob Ringe was the mastermind behind the union, and there are some very special surprises up their collective sleeves for this excursion. Following sets by each of these legends, the evening will climax with a jam of all "3 Heroes" on stage together, with special guests earmarked to join them in most markets.

[19 September 2011]

Added several new pictures which include photos with Axel Rudi Pell and Kirk Hammett. Updated the Tours page with the 3 Guitar Heroes concert dates.

[14 July 2011]

Addded the Opening Axe article from the April 2001 issue of Guitar One.

[26 June 2011]

Addded contact info and extra items to the About the Site page.

[24 June 2011]

Addded the Dear Guitar Hero article from the May 2009 issue of Guitar World.

[23 June 2011]

Added a new tab for the song Electric Sun.

[20 June 2011]

Added a new version of the Icebreaker tab.

[7 June 2011]
Additional world-wide concert dates.:

  • 25 January 2011
    Gulf of Mexico - Majesty of the Seas -- UJR plays 2 shows during the Caribbean cruise: 70000 Tons of Metal
  • 26 January 2011
    Gulf of Mexico - Majesty of the Seas -- UJR plays 2 shows during the Caribbean cruise: 70000 Tons of Metal
  • 27 January 2011
    Gulf of Mexico - Majesty of the Seas -- UJR plays 2 shows during the Caribbean cruise: 70000 Tons of Metal
  • 12 February 2011
    Germany, Altdöbern - Sch├╝tzenhaus
  • 31 March 2011
    France, L I L L E - Le Splendid
  • 01 April 2011
    France, T O U L S - Chez Paulette
  • 02 April 2011
    France, M U L H O U S E - Noumatrouff
  • 03 April 2011
    France, P A R I S - Nouveau Casino
  • 03 April 2011
    France, TOURCOING - 1 day Sky Academy - EF2M
  • 22 April 2011
    Germany, T A N N A - Kuhstall (& Shawue)
  • 07 May 2011
    Switzerland, S T P R E X - RockAnthology Festival
  • 19 May 2011
    Turkey, I S T A N B U L - Dorock
  • 20 May 2011
    Turkey, A N K A R A - Nedjima
  • 21 May 2011
    Italy, C R E M O N A - Motorock
  • 29 May 2011
    Germany, H A M B U R G - Downtown Blues Club
  • 25 June 2011
    Germany, H O H E N F E L D E N - Rock Requiem
  • 19 July 2011
    Corsica, PATRIMONIO - Festival Guitare de Patrimonio
  • 30 July 2011
    Germany, S I N G W I T Z - Kesselhauslager (& Shawue)

[17 January 2011]
Latest Sky Academy dates in Los Angeles:

  • 18 January 2011Brick by Brick, San Diego, CA
  • 20 January 2011 — Majestic Ventura Theatre Ventura, CA
  • 21 January 2011Blue Cafe, Huntington Beach, CA

[12 August 2010]
Per the Official Uli Jon Roth's Latest News page...

SKY ACADEMY is coming back to NEW ZEALAND in August 2010!

Following the very memorable 2008 Sky Academy at the G-TARANAKI FESTIVAL in New Plymouth ULI JON ROTH has been invited to hold another Sky Academy in New Zealand this year. The teaching will take place in an auditorium on three separate days. Guest speakers at these events will include TONY MACALPINE, TONY LEVIN and VINNIE MOORE. No Sky Academy would be complete without a concert: UJR will play the TSB Stadium in New Plymouth on August 13, where he is joined by Niklas Turman, Michael Ehré and Elliott (Mr. Dean) Rubinson. Uli will jam with all of the Sky Academy guest speakers as well as with Jennifer Batten, Desiree Bassett and many others.

[17 January 2010]
The official Uli Jon Roth website has announced that Dean Guitars USA will be making the Uli Jon Roth signature Sky Guitar. Dean Guitars is also the company that made the Schenker Brothers V.

Back on 5 September 2009, Uli Jon Roth played along with Axel Rudi Pell at the "Hendrix Night" Sky Academy Jam at the Rock 'n Pop Museum in Gronau, Germany.

[1 April 2009]
Uli Jon Roth is featured in the May 2009 issue of Guitar World's Dear Guitar Hero section.

[1 March 2009]
The March/April issue of Guitar Edge magazine has a transcription of the Scorpions song The Sails of Charon.

[16. September 2008]
Tour dates in the U.S. and Europe for the remainder of 2008.

Date State or Country City and Venue
19. 09 2008 California, USA REDONDO BEACH - Brixton
20. 09 2008 California, USA SAN DIEGO - Brick by Brick
21. 09 2008 California, USA VENTURA -Ventura Theatre
23. 09 2008 California, USA EXETER - Orange Blossom Junction
24. 09 2008 California, USA SAN FRANCISCO - Annie's
26. 09 2008 California, USA CONCORD - Time Out
27. 09 2008 California, USA SANTA ROSA - Last Day Saloon
29. 09 2008 Arizona, USA TEMPE - The Clubhouse
01. 10 2008 Idaho, USA COEUR D'ALENE - The Grail
03. 10 2008 Wisconsin, USA MILWAUKEE - Shank Hall
04. 10 2008 Pennsylvania, USA Pittsburgh - Rex Theatre
05. 10 2008 Illinois, USA Chicago - House of Blues
07. 10 2008 Maryland, USA Annapolis - The Ram's Head
08. 10 2008 Pennsylvania, USA Sellersville - Sellersville Theater
09. 10 2008 Virginia, USA Springfield - Jaxx
10. 10 2008 Ohio, USA Cleveland - Jigsaw Saloon
11. 10 2008 New York, USA New York City - B. B. King's
13. 10 2008 Scotland Glasgow - Carling Academy
15. 10 2008 England Manchester - Apollo
16. 10 2008 England Southampton - Guild Hall
18. 10 2008 England London - Hammersmith Apollo
19. 10 2008 England Wolverhampton - Civic Hall
25. 10 2008 France Strasbourg - Zenith
01. 11 2008 Greece Athens - Fuzz Club
02. 11 2008 Greece THESSALONIKI - Principal Theatre
07. 11 2008 Japan H I R O S H I M A - Club Quattro
09. 11 2008 Japan Nagoya - Diamond Hall
10. 11 2008 Japan O S A K A - NAMBA HATCH
11. 11 2008 Japan T O K Y O - SUN PLAZA HALL
12. 11 2008 Japan T O K Y O - SUN PLAZA HALL
26. 11 2008 Italy Pisa - Borderline
27. 11 2008 Italy Roma - S t a z i o n e B i r r a
28. 11 2008 Italy P E S C A R A - R o c k h o u s e
29. 11 2008 Italy Roma - Harley Davidson Meeting
30. 11 2008 Gran Canaria TELDE - Teatro Juan Ramon Jimenez
10. 12 2008 Germany E S S E N - T u r o c k
11. 12 2008 Holland K E R K R A D E - R o c k T e m p e l
12. 12 2008 Germany N O R D E N H A M - J a h n h a l l e
25. 12 2008 Germany M E D I N G E N - Gasthof
26. 12 2008 Germany R E I C H W AL D E - R e g i n a' s
27. 12 2008 Germany Torgau - Kulturbastion

[20. August 2008]
Uli Jon Roth's new album Under A Dark Sky has been released in Japan, and it will be released in Europe and the USA in September. Here is the track list for the new album:

  1. S.O.S.
  2. Tempus Fugit
  3. Land Of Dawn - Techno Man / Land Of Dawn / Lion Wings
  4. The Magic Word
  5. Inquisition
  6. Letter Of The Law
  7. Stay In The Light
  8. Benediction
  9. Light & Shadows
  10. Tanz In Die Dämmerung - Destination Twilight / Morgenrot / Searchlights From Hell / Seelenschmerz / Inside The Titanic / Fama Errat / Requiem For The Nations / Morituri / Rex Tremendae / Star Peace / Tanz In Die Dämmerung / Silence

Uli will also be performing in Europe, USA, and Japan later this year. Check out the concert dates.

[20. June 2008]
1ST NEW ZEALAND INTERNATIONAL GUITAR FESTIVAL G-TARanaki - is hosting SKY ACADEMY SEMINARS at three separate locations, leading up to their festival concerts. The academy is going to be being held from July 15-17 at Waitara High School, Inglewood High School and Opunake High School. This is followed by an outdoor concert at TSB Stadium, featuring Uli's new 7-piece band for the first time.

[29. December 2007]
The official Uli Jon Roth website is reporting that Uli's new album, Under A Dark Sky, will be released in Summer 2008. This will be the first album of the Symphonic Legends series. The main lead singers are Mark Boals (who has sung on several Yngwie Malmsteen albums) and Liz Vandall (who has sung with Uli before).

Uli is also planning on taking the band on a world-wide tour in 2008.

[23. August 2007]
The Sky Academy is in L.A. again from the 24th through 25th of August.

In the June edition of Guitar Player has an article called 10 Things You Gotta Do To Play Like Uli Jon Roth.

[27. December 2006]
Here is an in depth interview with Uli. He mentions that he is in the process of writing a new album titled Under A Dark Sky.

[27. August 2006]
After wrapping up tours in the United States and central Europe, Uli will continue his European tour this autumn in Sweden, Denmark, Holland, Belgium, Serbia, Germany, Switzerland, and Austria. Go to the Official Concerts & Tours page to get more details.

[29. April 2006]
Uli has completed the first leg of his European tour, but he will return to the U.S. for a brief tour, ending with three nights in L.A. at the Sky Academy. After the U.S. tour, he will return to Europe and play a host of shows throughout the remainder of 2006. The highlight of these shows will be at the Wacken Festival where he will join up once again with Scorpions. Check out the official site for tour dates.

[13. December 2005]

Bigfoot. The yeti. The Loch Ness Monster. A secret fourth Electric Sun album. Yes, these are all topics of controversy ...some may claim they've seen them, but one can never be quite sure. Recently, I've been compiling a number of songs by Uli during his Electric Sun days, most of them never quite made it to commercial light, and for the few that did, they may have been altered some since their original inception. Here is a list of some rare songs that could have comprised a fourth Electric Sun album. Keep in mind, that this is pure speculation, and meant for fun, not to be taken seriously.

  • On That Night
  • Daughter Of the Innocent
  • God Is Light
  • Neptunian Love
  • Turn The Time - Vastly different than the song which was on Transcendental Sky Guitar
  • Starlight - Played live during the BTAS tours, but not released for about 10 years and ended up on the Prologue To the Symphonic Legends album
  • Dying To Be Born - Unknown creation date
  • Amadeus - Written around late 80s or early 90s
  • Sayonara

[3. December 2005]
Per the Official Uli Jon Roth Website:

Uli Jon Roth's European record company SPV is releasing two of his previous albums simultaneously. Both albums have not been available for a long time and have been digitally re-mastered by Uli himself.

The first one is Beyond The Astral Skies, which came out in 1985 and was the last-ever album of Uli's then-band ELECTRIC SUN. The exiting re-release comes with extensive new artwork and a Video bonus-track - the original promo-video for the single "The Night The Master Comes" - which has never been commercially available until now.

The second re-release is Prologue To The Symphonic Legends of Uli's Sky of Avalon project, which was first released in 1996. The CD also contains a hitherto unreleased video for "Cry of the Night" from the Metamorphosis album featuring Uli Jon Roth & and the Sky Orchestra. Both albums are available now.

The line-up of Uli's band for the up-coming European dates will be as follows:

  • Uli Jon Roth - Guitar, vocals
  • Francis Buccholz - Bass (former bassist for Scorpions)
  • Olaf Senkbeil - Vocals
  • Ferdy Doernberg - Keyboards, guitar (also the keyboardist for Axel Rudi Pell)
  • Michael Eree - Drums

Ex-Scorpions/ Ex-Eloy drummer Juergen Rosenthal will join Uli and the band on stage for some of the shows to play a couple of songs from the Fly To The Rainbow album.

Uli, Francis and Juergen - who all had been members of the German Cult band Dawn Road before they merged with Scorpions in 1973 - have not shared a stage together since 1974, and Uli is looking forward very much to playing with his old friends again.

The program for this tour is going to be extensive, as Uli intends to play material from all phases of his career, including many early Scorpions and Electric Sun songs. Quite a few of these have actually never been performed live so far. Since there are so many songs to choose from the program may vary substantially from night to night.

[24. September 2005]
On 10 September 2005, Uli Roth re-united with Scorpions for one night and played with his former band in France. Check out the pictures at They played such classics as In Trance, Polar Nights, Kojo No Tsuki, and We'll Burn the Sky.

The Sky Academy has been postponed until 2006.

[28. March 2005]
The official Uli Jon Roth website has reported plenty of new goodies. Uli is still working away at the fabled Requiem for an Angel album. He will also be crossing the Atlantic again to play some concerts and to begin the Sky Academy seminars, which will begin in L.A. Look for these events later in 2005.

[16. January 2005]
The magazine Guitar Player has a decent article with Uli Jon Roth in the February 2005 issue (Dimebag cover). Notice how the color photograph in GP is the same one as in the black & white photo in the February 2005 issue of Guitar World.

[23. December 2004]
In the February 2005 issue of Guitar World, there is a transcription by Uli Jon Roth of the classic Scorpions song "The Sails of Charon". This is one of the most comprehensive tabs for this song ever seen, with some nice commentary by Uli on how and why certain phrases are the way they are in the way that they were written or are played. If you pick up the newstand version, it comes with a DVD which shows Uli Roth playing the intro solos, both at normal speed and at a slower speed.

17th Street Guitars will be making a limited run of 50 customized guitars, modeled after the Sky Guitar. Each guitar will be authenticated and signed by Uli Jon Roth. Read the press release here. The estimated price for each of these guitars will probably be similar to the price of a new, small car.

[21. August 2004]
It's been 19 years, but Uli Jon Roth will be crossing the expanses of the Atlantic Ocean to play around 18 concerts in the U.S. Most of these shows will feature the Michael Schenker Group along with Uli. Here are the currently available dates and venues.

Uli Jon Roth U.S. Tour 2004
City & Venue

26. 08. 2004
27. 08. 2004
28. 08. 2004
29. 08. 2004
30. 08. 2004
31. 08. 2004
02. 09. 2004
04. 09. 2004
06. 09. 2004
09. 09. 2004
10. 09. 2004
11. 09. 2004
13. 09. 2004
15. 09. 2004
16. 09. 2004
17. 09. 2004
18. 09. 2004
19. 09. 2004


VENTURA - Ventura Theatre
SACRAMENTO - Roadhouse
CONCORD - Cadillac Ranch
SAN JUAN CAPISTRANO - Coach House Theatre
SAN DIEGO - Brick By Brick
ALBUQUERQUE - Graham Central Station
SAN ANTONIO - Sunken Gardens Amphitheatre
NEW ORLEANS - House Of Blues
MILWAUKEE - Shank Hall
CHICAGO - House Of Blues
CHICAGO - House Of Blues
CLEVELAND - Peabody's
 PHILADELPHIA - Trocadero Theatre
WALLINGTON - The Wreck Room

On a side note, I'll be at the 10 September 2004 show in Chicago. If you see a guy wearing this shirt, then it's probably me, so please introduce yourself if you are at that show.

[1. May 2004]
Uli Jon Roth has successfully completed a European tour, and is in the process of recording the long awaited album Requiem For An Angel. According to the official Uli Jon Roth web site, there are still plans for Uli to tour the U.S. later this year, but no specific dates have been set.

[17. February 2004]

  • Uli Jon Roth will be touring with UFO in Europe during February and March 2004, including his first appearances in Greece.
  • There is a 20 minute interview with Uli Jon Roth available at The interview is in German.

[30. December 2003]
The official Uli Jon Roth website was launched on 18. December 2003 (coincidentally, Uli's birthday). Uli's new album Metamorphosis was released by SPV on 8. December 2003. Metamorphosis will cross the Atlantic and hit the U.S. shores in February 2004.

[9. December 2003]
The official Uli Jon Roth website will be launched on 18. December 2003 (coincidentally, Uli's birthday). The site also mentions that Uli's new album Metamorphosis was be released by SPV on 8. December 2003. The U.S. will release Metamorphosis on 14. December 2003.

[2. July 2003]
Per news from Uli Jon Roth will release Metamophosis in Japan on September 18. The album is his first full-length studio album since Beyond The Astral Skies . The line-up features Uli Jon Roth, Don Airey (key), Steven Bentley Klein (violin) and Detmold Chamber Orchestra.

[26. June 2003]
Same site, new address. After almost six years to the day, the Uli Roth web site is moving to a new location. Please redirect any related traffic or links to If you need to contact me, send me an e-mail address to

The site will be eventually going through another transformation with updated information, graphics, et cetera, et cetera.

[18. June 2003]
Lion Music releases

Release date July 24

A tribute to one of the greatest and most influential yet shamelessly unknown musicians of our time. The album features covers of songs written by Uli, originally performed by the Scorpions and Uli himself:

Electric Sun / Sails of Charon / I'll be Loving You Always / Firewind / Dark Lady / Yellow Raven / Burning Wheel Turning / Still so Many Lives Away / I'll be there / Indian Dawn / Pictured Life / Return / Polar Nights / Paganini Paraphrase

[14. January 2003]
Added a page for the Legends of Rock - Live at Castle Donington album.

[7. December 2002]
Latest news taken from the Sky Arts International web site.

  • Digitally remastered re-releases of 'EARTHQUAKE' & 'FIREWIND' now available
  • 'LEGENDS OF ROCK' DVD available from 11/11/2002
  • 'LEGENDS OF ROCK'' Double CD available 11/11/2002

[19. November 2002]
Uli is currently on the Legends of Rock tour in the U.K. If you happen to catch a show, please share your thoughts by sending me an e-mail me.

[5. October 2002]
Liz Vandall's page has an update on the news page about the Legends of Rock concert. It will start on 13. November 2002.

[21. August 2002]
A news release is available at, detailing the upcoming concert with Uli Jon Roth and Jack Bruce, with very special guests Michael Schenker and Glenn Hughes. For those in the U.K., go check it out. Other European dates are yet to be released.

[29. July 2002]
As per news on Peter's Authorized Uli Roth site, all three Electric Sun albums are being remastered and released by SPV, the company which released Transcendental Sky Guitar. Those who haven't been able to score a CD version of Beyond the Astral Skies may finally get their chance.

The Historic Perfomances videos are now available on PAL and DVD (various regions) format at Sky Arts International web site.

Michael Flexig, a long-time singer with Uli, has his own web site at Also, check out Liz Vandall's web site, another great singer. Liz is the singer, not the web site.

In the news: In the August 2001 issue of Guitar World, Kirk Hammett ranks Ulrich Roth as one of his top four influences (along with Michael Schenker, Billy Gibbons, and Carols Santana). This is what Kirk Hammett mentioned in the article: "The first time I ever heard him with the Scorpions, I was totally floored. His clarity, dynamics, tone and technique were all falwless, and his use of arpeggios, modes and harmonic minor scales was way ahead of its time. Ulrich's playing inspired me to learn new scales and modes and to study theory and three-octave scales as well. I always wished (even to this day) that I could play some of his solos note for note. His lead in the Scorpions' "Sails of Charon" is totally astounding and a wonderful example of how to use the harmonic minor scale to maximum effect."

Uli in the press: There are small articles with Uli in both Guitar One and Guitar Player in April 2001. Uli's name is also printed on the cover of both magazines.