Sky of Avalon

Sky of Avalon is the moniker used by Uli Jon Roth to display pieces of the classical music he has written, which combines classical music with the soaring sounds of his Sky Guitar and a rock instruments such as a bass guitar, drum set, and keyboards. After touring for Beyond the Astral Skies, Uli Roth disappeared from the music scene for over ten years, busy exploring the other major facet of his music interests : classical music. During this time he departed from the realm of rock and guitar music, and concentrated on writing symphonies. His result from these years was Prologue to the Symphonic Legends. The first album Prologue to the Symphonic Legends came out in 1996.

For many years, the supposed next album would be called Requiem to an Angel, a dedication to his long-time friend Monika Danneman (fiancee of Jimi Hendrix), however no album bearing this name has been released so far. The linear notes of the Prologue album indicate that there will be at least three full-length symphonies (Soldiers of Grace, Europa Ex Favilla, and Hiroshima De Profundis), and the prologue is just a test-taste of what is to come. In September 2008, the first of these three albums was released — Under A Dark Sky.



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