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Frequently Asked Questions
Now, how can any project go without a nice, little FAQ? Here is the main rundown of what is planned for PIGE.

What will PIGE be used for?
PIGE will be used as the game engine for a game I've been (slowly) developing over the past several years called Psychomancer. There is a text-based version of the Psychomancer game available at www.edenwaith.com/products/psychomancer.

What platforms is PIGE being developed for?
Currently, there are plans to develop PIGE under Mac OS X, Linux (Red Hat at this time), and Windows 98. Depending on how easy or difficult it results in portint to other platforms, PIGE may or may not make it to Mac OS 8/9 and/or any Windows OS running off of the NT kernel (NT/2000/XP). Optimally, there would be no problems at all, but that is not the case. Odd errors arise when porting. What works well on one platform won't work as well, or even at all on another. Lessons from software engineering classes come into play in quoting on how determining the development time can be a near impossible task at times, given that unforseen problems are just that...unforseen.

What language is PIGE written in?
PIGE is being written in a mixture of C and C++. The base idea behind this project is for portability, and that is why C/C++ was chosen as the primary language(s). Also, since most OpenGL and OpenAL code is integrated with C, this also simplifies the process of designing PIGE. Don't worry, C wasn't chosen for its ease of use or error handling abilities. One of my favorite sayings is "That which is popular is not necessarily what is right". The same goes with C. It has its strong and weak points, but possibily because it is so widely used and implemented is the main reason that C was chosen. However, there have been at least a few times where using another language in some cases (i.e. Java or even CLISP) would have been easier.

What hardware is being used to run and test PIGE?
Three computers, two Macs (running Mac OS 9 and Mac OS X) and a PC (running Win98 and RedHat Linux 8.0).
Mac 400 MHz G4 PowerMac Tower
2 Hard drives, 20 GB running Mac OS 9; 15 GB running Mac OS 10.2
896 MB RAM
ATI Rage 128 Pro video card (16 MB)

500 MHz G3 iBook
10 GB hard drive, two paritions, running Mac OS 9 and Mac OS 10.1
320 MB RAM ATI Rage Mobility video card (8 MB)
2 hard drives, 3 GB running Windows 98; 60 GB running RedHat Linux 8.0
320 MB RAM
32 MB ATI Rage Pro

Page created: 21. Septebmer 2001
Last modified: 27. March 2003