System Requirements
Mac OS X 10.4 or later
Price: $0. €0. £0. ¥0.
Psychomancer :: Version History Version 1.0.7 (1 September 2012)
  • Universal Binary version for Mac OS X for PowerPC and Intel-based Macs.
  • New spells for the Spirit Mage (Astral Shield and Death Wish).
  • Fire Wind spell has higher minimum damage.
  • Fire Spear causes random amounts of damage instead of just 7 LP.
  • Acid Burn causes damage over the course of the battle.
  • Aura works better in battle.
  • You can look at the items in your inventory by typing 'look' and the name of the item.
  • New additions and changes to quests for the Elementalist and Spirit Mage.
  • Drinking potions works correctly to restore LP and EP.
  • Elixirs now restore 8 LP and 4 EP.
  • Fixed major inventory bugs.
  • New puzzle locks.
  • Added additional quirky descriptions and responses.
  • Several new easter eggs were added, especially in regards to cheat codes. Try the cheat codes of various id Software or Quest For Glory games to see if anything happens...
  • Many, many other bug fixes and improvements.
Version 1.06 (13 February 2003)
  • Windows version of Psychomancer 1.06 made available.
Version 1.06 (1 September 2002)
  • Linux version of Psychomancer 1.06 made available.
Version 1.06 (18 January 2002)
  • Input text is no longer case sensitive.
  • Additional text and descriptions were added.
  • Spells can be viewed by typing SPELLS in any room.
  • Saving no longer is functional in version 1.06.
  • A Mac OS X version has been made, in addition to the version available for Mac OS 8 and 9.
Version 1.05 (9 June 2001)
  • Random combats are now available, adding three new opponents (Angwyn Cleric, Disciple, Acolyte). A few small puzzles were added. Several infinite object problems were corrected.
  • More detail and description added to several sections.
Version 1.01 (15 March 2001)
  • In version 1.01, this Read Me was included with the download files. Several small corrections and improvements were made in the game.
Version 1.0 (August 1999)
  • Original version of Psychomancer completed.