Agifier 2.0: EGA De-make Plug-in for Acorn

15th December 2022 | Programming

With the release of the Playdate this year, it has further rekindled my interest in graphics styles of an older era. Or are they just older graphics implementations for the modern age? Even though modern electronics have been able to push 16.7 million colors on high gamut displays for a long time, there is always a market for small, simple, and inexpensive displays. While the 1-bit display on the Playdate delivers a hefty dose of nostalgia (along with a ton of fun), it has been exciting to see what developers have been able to do with limited graphical constraints. This led me back down a deep rabbit hole of to research ancient dithering algorithms and color spaces to create the second version of the Agifier plug-in for Acorn.

What's new with Agifier 2.0


Original Image

Agifier 1.x

Agifier 2.0

Agifier 2.0 using CIE Lab Color Model

Download + Installation

Future Work