2.2 General Game Play

2.2.1 Statistics & Inventory
The statistics menu displays the Life Points (LP), the Essence Points (EP), and the spells the character knows. Life Points displays the amount of health the character has. If the LP drops to 0 or below, then the character is dead and the game is over. Essence Points tell how much energy the wytch has to cast spells. If the EP drop to 0 or below, then the wytch can no longer cast spells until more Essence Points are gained. The spells list will show which spells the character knows, and the number of EP the spell will cost is in parenthese after the spell name. To bring up the statistics menu during the game, type the word stats.

To view just the list of available spells, type spells.

The inventory is the list for what the character is holding in her possession. To bring up the inventory, type either the letter i or type inventory. To pick up an item, type get or take and then the item's name (i.e. get stone).

2.2.2 Interacting with the game Looking
To get a general idea of what your surroundings are, type look. To inspect an object in the room more closely, type look and the object's name (i.e. look ground). To view an item in your inventory type look and the name of the item (i.e. look stone). Quitting the game
If at any time you wish to quit the game, simply type quit or quit game at the parser ( > ). Moving
You will often have several directions you can move in the various rooms of the game. Generally just by looking around you will know which ways you can move. If you try to move in a direction you can't go, you will be told. To move type directions (north, east, south, west, up, down) or use their abbreviations (n, e, s, w, u, d). Basic functions
There are many other various actions you will need to perform such as taking items, opening and closing doors, drinking a potion, and so on. Many commands are fairly simple like open, close, get, drink, etc... For more help, type help during the game.

2.2.3 Saving & Restoring the game
Currently, there are no Save or Restore features in Psychomancer. The game is fairly short anyway, so a save feature is not critical at this point.

2.2.4 Casting spells
To cast a spell type cast and the name of the spell. To find out what spells you have, type stats or spells and you will be given a listing of what spells you know, and how many Essence Points each spell will cost in parentheses. Be very careful to type the spell's name in correctly or else the spell won't work.

2.2.5 Tips
If you are having trouble, try looking through the tutorial some more or type help during the game.

Also remember to look at EVERYTHING. Some items might give clues on what to do next, or where to go. If you are truly stuck, try playing again, except this time with a different Spell Circle (Sorcery, Elementalism, Psychomancy, Spirit). Some puzzles might be easier to solve with a different character, depending on each character's spells and resources. A walk-thru has been available with each download since version 1.05, or you can find the current walk-thru on-line at http://www.edenwaith.com/products/psychomancer/tutorial/walk-thru.html.
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