2.3. Spells
Spells are the tools the wytch uses to aid her during her quest. There are four Circles of Magic: Sorcery, Elementalism Psychomancy, and Spirit. Each Circle has its own set of spells, though some of the spells are so common-place that a wytch from any Circle can cast it. Any general spell will have the word [General] before its description to indicate that this spell can be cast by any of the four Circles. Casting spells drains the wytch's Essence Points (EP). After each spell name is the number of EP it costs to cast that particular spell.

2.3.1 Sorcerer's Spells
The sorcerer has the broadest base of spells to choose from and isn't as specialized as the other three Circles of Magic.

AURA (2) - An aura is cast upon a weapon to increase the damage of the attack. For each successful strike, an extra Essence Point is used. The spell fades away after combat or when all Essence Points have been used up.
ILLUMINATE (2) [General] - Creates a small floating ball of heatless light. If cast upon an object, such as a staff, it causes the object to glow.
UNLOCK (2) - Unlock and undo simple mechanisms such as locks and knots.
TRANSLATE (4) - Allows the caster to understand foreign languages.
ACID BURN (6) - Offensive combat spell which sprays a magical burst of acid at the enemy. The spell does continual damage during combat while the acid eats away.

2.3.2 Elementalist's Spells
The Elementalist's spells work primarily with those of the four Elements: Fire, Earth, Water, and Air. The spells' abilities can be limiting at times, but they are often great during a time of combat.

ELEMENT TALK (5) - Allows the Elementalist to communicate with the Elements, and even ask for aid. However, this spell cannot control the Elements. This spell might require more Essence Points thant the inital 5 EP if communicating with the Elements is difficult. Although it is not required, a BloodStone can be used to create a protective Magic Circle which can help ward against the extra strain of casting this spell.
ELIXIR (6) - With this spell the Elementalist is able to turn a flask of boiling water into an Elixir which will restore eight Life Points and four Essence Points when consumed. The water has to be boiling for this spell to work.
FIRE SPEAR (7) - A lance of flame is extended from the caster's hand, impaling anything in its path.
FIRE WIND (25) - A sheet of fire is directed towards a target to be set ablaze. However, due to its ferocity, it costs 25 Essence Points and 5 Life Points, as well.

2.3.3 Psychomancer's Spells
The Psychomancer molds Essence with the force of her mind to achieve her goals.

SENSE (3) [General] - A detection spell which reveals the nature of a person, creature, or area.
MENTAL KEY (4) - A more powerful version of Sorcery's Unlock spell, specialized for the Psychomancer.
HISTORY (5) - An advanced form of the Sense spell which can reveal more in depth information about the past occurrences of people, places or things.
PSYCHIC BLOCK (4) - This spell raises a mental shield to help reduce some of the impact caused from a Psychic Blast. This spell dissipates after a battle.
PSYCHIC BLAST (6) - A concentrated shock of psychic energy is shot at an opponent to cause damage. Can be partially deflected by Psychic Block.
SURGE (8) - A more powerful version of the Psychic Blast spell, except it cannot be warded off by the Psychic Block spell.
MIND NUMB (8) - This spell causes the opponent's mind to go numb for 1 - 3 rounds, which can quickly decide the outcome of a battle.

2.3.4 Spirit Mage's Spells
Spirit is the darkest of the four Circles, often using the energy of other planes of existence for the mage's use.

CREATE BLOODSTONE (3) [General] - Imbues a small rock with the latent energy necessary to perform rituals and to design a Magic Circle. A kris (a ceremonial knife) can be used in lieu of a BloodStone.
ASTRAL SHIELD (5) - The Spirit Mage can partially merge their corporeal form into the Astral Plane, which makes the mage more difficult to hit by physical attacks.
DRAIN (7) - Draws the strength and Life from a living creature. The Spirit Mage will gain one half of the Life Points taken away from the enemy.
SPIRIT TALK (10) - Dealing with the Dead is always a risky and draining task for a Spirit Mage. When trying to speak with the Dead, the Spirit Mage should be protected by standing inside a Magic Circle. A BloodStone or kris is needed to create a Magic Circle.
DEATH WISH (10) - Take a chance to see if the Immortals favor or despise you. A lucky cast will deal large amounts of damage. Most of the time, it will do minimal damage. However, if very, very unlucky, this spell can backfire and kill the caster.
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