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Mac OS X 10.4 or later
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Psychomancer 1.0.7 :: Text-based Adventure/RPG game
Welcome to Torenheim, the latest of a plethoria of fantasy realms. Magic, known as the Essence, runs as freely as air and water in this world. Warlocks and wytches have dedicated their studies to mastering and controlling the Essence. Psychomancer features Myrlandria, an initiate wytch.

Psychomancer is a text-based adventure/RPG game, reminiscent of Sierra On-line's Quest for Glory games. In it's current incarnation, it is a text based game, fused with the air of nostalgia of the parser games from the 1980s.

Select one of the four magical disciplines (Sorcery, Elementalism, Psychomancy, Spirit) to help your sorceress, Myrlandria, recover the Sacred Kewpie Doll of Coney Island and escape from the Angwyn Cult temple. Puzzles will result in different solutions, depending on which discipline you decide to follow.
Tutorial & Walk-thru Retired
As of 1 September 2012, Edenwaith will no longer actively develop the text-based game of Psychomancer. Thanks for playing.