Edenwaith 2022 In Review

7th January 2023 | Edenwaith

Another circuit completed around the sun, and well... life is chaos, but it's good to be still around. This past year has been fairly quiet on the software front as I spent most of the time working on the second draft of my current novel. One chapter, in particular, took quite a bit of time since it required a massive rewrite (and is much better because of it!). I also posted an old short story "Digital Suicide" as a bit of a nod to the burning circus show which has become Twitter over the past two months. Since the focus of this site has become a lot more gaming-oriented over the past several years, I also wrote up a couple of articles about Quest for Glory V.

Last Year's Plans

A quick look back at how last year's tentative plans shook out:

Plans for 2023